Anybody up there?

There was a man that lost his footing at night next to a cliff and fell over the side. As he was falling he reached out and grabbed a bush which stopped his descent into the darkness and he hung there. No one saw him or knew where he was, he was alone on the side of the cliff. In the darkness he cried out to God and said, “Lord please hear me, save me and I will dedicate my life to you, please Lord hear me.” He heard nothing but the wind blow. His arms were getting tired he knew he could not hold on much longer. Finally in desperation he yelled out and said, “Please can anyone hear me is anybody up there? Help please Help!” Still no answer coming. The bush was coming loose from the dirt and he knew he was going to plummet to his death. Finally he heard a voice say “let go, if you believe let go”. He answered, “ Is that you Lord help”. Again he heard “let go, if you believe let go”. He thought for a moment then said, “Is anybody else up there”. The bush finally came out of the dirt and the man fell 3 feet to a ledge that he could not see in the darkness and he survived his ordeal.

If we are going to talk about the important questions in life the biggest query is anybody up there? Is there a supreme being/creator? Does God really exist? In the amusing story, the man had his faith severely tested as we all do in life but his was a life and death situation. Is it logical to believe that all you see in the world came into existence without a creator? Even with my limited intellect, it does not seem possible. But men with a greater IQ than me hold that view and stake there very being to pure chance, not Godly design. I believe that there is enough evidence out there for a man to know for sure, and I have proven His existence to myself. However, you won’t find God in a test tube or prove he is up there with science. That is because knowing God only comes through a relationship with Him. You can only come to Him on his terms. He must call you and He is calling but many they can’t or won’t hear Him. ” Let him who has an ear hear“.

Some people are put out by this and think they can come to him their selves on human terms. But God has provided a plan of salvation which involves His Son, Jesus. So many despise him and don’t want a relationship with Him even though he provided it with the Life of Jesus. For whatever reason, they do not want to be ruled by anyone however good that being is. They won’t submit to any so-called Supreme God. So people believe a lie and say to their self that no one is up there and when in trouble they look toward themselves or others for help. What path are you on. What do you believe? Do you know is anybody up there? 🙂 Walt

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