Nothing but the truth

I always wondered what I would do if a court official made me put my hand on a bible and swear to tell “The whole truth and nothing but the truth”. I always thought that because I saw events a certain way that maybe someone else that witness it also saw it differently than I did. And it is true maybe they (someone else) was standing in a place that gave them a different perspective about the event and was paying more attention to the what happened. For whatever reason, my recollection of the facts may be different than another witness. My hope is that the truth would come out in the end. But in life, the truth is only as good as the understanding of what is true in the individual. If someone says to me that the chair in the room is solid and will hold me up when I set on it and it falls apart when I place my self inside the chair, that was untrue or a lie. But if I know the chair is made of oak and a watched a master builder put it together then I would be less skeptical of someone telling me it was solid and would hold me up. I would have more faith that the chair would hold me and confidently set down in the chair.

Truth is built on experience and observation and trust. Your belief if built on life experiences and is only as good as the information you have learned. Bad information in – bad results out. Babies learn it is true that if they cry someone will feed them or give them the attention they need. But we are not to stay where we are to grow and learn harder truths in life. Some people don’t want to grow to learn the hard things they want to truths of childhood to last forever. Understanding only comes to the one who wants to understand and will do the hard work of digging out the truth. Truth is obtainable and there are universal truths that apply to everyone the biggest is everyone will die. Everyone born of a woman has died, everybody has a ticket to ride that train. What do you believe in, what do you base your understanding of truth on? What is your world belief system based in? Please make it a good one. 🙂 Walt

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