Losing It

As I get older I become more cynical. More distrusting of others and on my guard about the motives of others in my life. I question everything and don’t just open my personal life to anyone. How did I get this way and what do I do about it? What did I gain in being cautious and what do I lose? Is it a healthy way to live?

Life can be hard sometimes and the lessons even harder. A life of hard knocks can make a hard individual, one who trusts no one and strikes out at everyone. All of us have met someone who we would rather not have any relationship with. One who is argumentative, condemning, narrow-minded, unforgiving, loud, boisterous, apathetically to things of importance, and just not great to be around. Pity or anger is all you can seem to have for them. It is very hard to have a constructive relationship with them. Toleration of their action is very hard.

When we were bullied at school our Mom always said: “two wrongs don’t make a right” and all you wanted to do is bash his or her head in. And when you did strike back you never felt quite right about the triumph of vengeance. And you traded places now you are the aggressor and the bully, something you never intended to be. I have been there and understand the frustrations of dealing with an unruly person, sometimes not doing a very good job.

There was a man riding a subway in a major city in America. He was on his way home after a tough day and wanted some peace and quiet. Another man entered his car with three kids they looked about 12, 10 and 8. The other man went to a seat and looked out the window lost in thought. The kids were running around hassling passengers and being totally unruly. How could this other man let his kids act like this, why can’t he control his kids? Finally, the man seeking peace and angrily walked over to the other man and spoke sternly to him “why can you control your children, they are totally out of control.” The other man turned from his stare out the window and told the kids to come and set down and behave and said this is no way to act. The kids came back to the other man and set down by him and began picking on each other for amusement. The other man looked up at the peace-seeking man and said I am sorry I was lost in thought we just buried their mother this morning, she passed away from cancer and the kids are confused about what happened. Please forgive them. The peace-seeking man was taken back by his lack of understanding of what was really happening right before his eyes.

I need to realize that my cynicism about the world around me is not healthy. I don’t always see the whole picture. When laws are broken there is always consequences and that is right but we are not God. God is the rightful judge in all things. He has shown us mercy and blessing that we do not deserve in the gift of His Son on the cross. He died for the homeless the downtrodden and he died for all of humanity. The bible rightfully calls this time we live the “age of grace.” God works all things together for good to those who love Him and are called to Him.

Ours is to have a relationship with God first and be the first fruit of love to the world. We may be the only glimpse of Jesus that the people we meet see. If my steps are ordered of God then I belong to Him and should act in a loving manner to all. Radical love would change your life. God loved me radically to the death on a cross and I am afraid of a few harsh words spoken by others who don’t understand the big picture. Poor baby, I should not be ashamed of the Lord, and fear rejection by the world of misunderstanding people. God has given us the big picture. We are not in the dark. We are children of the light I humbly believe we have an opportunity every day to reflect on his love through our life walk, first with God then reaching love to others.

Every day I pray to lose my anger and replace it with love for people who I really don’t know. “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,” Matthew 25:35. They asked the Lord Jesus when did we do these things for You. Jesus answered, “when you did it for the least of these you did it unto Me.” God is calling us to a radical love. Some will not hear this message some will hear it and live it. Say yes to the Spirit of God and what he is calling us to be. True contentment and peace and joy come from how you answer God’s calling. God help us to be like your Son. To show His radical Love. 🙂 Walt

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