It’s fall and the weather is changing the days are getting shorter and the air a little cooler. This is my favorite time of the year in California the transition of seasons bring some beautiful days and cool nights. I turn 60 this year and as scary as that seems to some in life I really don’t consider that old. I don’t need a barometer anymore to know when the atmospheric pressure is dropping and the weather changing I can feel it in my joints.

So in this season of my life, my I watch more sports than I play and make more trips to the restroom. I can’t lose pounds as easily as a few years ago and exercise is a dirty word. As uncomfortable and unpleasant as I make it sound I love being alive and enjoy people every day. Love my children, grandkids, and Betty (My Wife) and don’t see them enough. Still, work in service and I have met every type of person you can imagine. I really don’t want this blog to be self-seeking and about me but I don’t think that growing older is any different for me than others. Basically, the attitude and view of life must be consistent with a fruitful and meaningful outlook on living.

Life is a gift, a chance to experience living and grow as you are meant to by God. Our original parents were made in the image of God. Wow, what does that mean? It is a chance to live in harmony with that which is good, God. Now I realize that it is all for a reason and I am still looking for the full meaning of what life is all about. I am sure it is not easy to learn, but I know it is not about having more money or sex or cars or power.

It is about relationships how I treat others from the heart. And the search for that ONE THING in life that everyone wants if they’re honest with themselves. That would be a healthy relationship with God. In awe as my superior and in love as the giver of life. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is more living in death if he is with you. Eternity is the gift of those who believe in Him and walk with Him. Living does not end when the heart stops beating for those who choose life with God. That fact should help you decide how to act this side of the grave. What do you believe in? What season of life are you in? 🙂 Walt

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